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This is a moment of transformation.

The agricultural industry is reinventing itself to answer food security, water shortage, and supply chain challenges. Indoor farming is transforming the industry.
Let us help you transform your business to be more sustainable.


Indoor farming offers many environmental benefits, and makes produce that tastes great. But emissions can be 10x higher than outdoor agriculture. We created a simple app that enables indoor farms to track, report, and improve sustainability metrics.

Young farmers watching a tablet in a strawberry garden


We are a group of creative entrepreneurs with deep experience in developing software for agriculture and sustainability. Our mission is to help indoor farming become both more sustainable and profitable.

CEO and Director

Preuss headshot.jpg
Daphne Preuss

Dr. Daphne Preuss is an entrepreneur focused on bringing innovation to food and agriculture systems. She has led CarbonBook since 2020, focusing the company on the role it can play to standardize carbon reporting in the indoor agriculture industry. Daphne previously founded, built, and served for eleven years as President and CEO of Chromatin Inc., a crop breeding and seed company that delivered sorghum – a water-efficient sustainable grain crop – to dry-land farmers in over 50 countries. She has often served as a board member or operating partner to guide startups through commercialization and intellectual property strategy, value inflections and exits, with a particular focus on innovations that reduce the use of natural resources while improving agricultural productivity. Daphne holds a PhD from MIT

Chief Marketing Officer

Aline Glick

Aline Glick is bringing her expertise in software product management and marketing, as well as her passion for sustainable solutions to CarbonBook, where she heads the company’s marketing activities. Aline previously served for fifteen years as Chief Product Officer at SnapGene from its foundation in 2004 to acquisition in 2019, helping to build a userbase of over 600,000 researchers in virtually every major research institution, pharmaceutical and biotech company worldwide. Prior to her work at SnapGene she served in software product management and marketing roles in a variety of companies, from start-up to Fortune 200 firms. Since exiting SnapGene, she has focused on building and marketing products for a more sustainable planet. She holds a B.S from Northwestern University.

Chief Commercial Officer

Eugene Losev

Dr. Eugene Losev is a seasoned executive who previously co-founded, built, and sold a Software-as-a-Service company, SnapGene, focused on innovative technology for biological research. At SnapGene, Eugene was responsible for commercial operations to support over 600,000 customers in pharma, biotech and academic labs. Prior to SnapGene, Eugene spent 3 years working at L.E.K. Consulting in their Life Sciences consulting practice. He also spent 8 years at Baxter Healthcare in various marketing, business development and strategy roles. Eugene enjoys working with startups to develop their commercial operations and has been working for the last two years with software companies focusing on agriculture and sustainability. At CarbonBook he leads the company’s commercial effort, as well as internal operations. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Chicago.

Chief Technology Officer

Vandana Patel

Vana Patel has extensive experience in building innovative software products, initially through management positions at Motorola and Yahoo, and more recently at companies focused on agriculture and sustainability. Through collaborative project management and software planning, design, and launch she is driving a change in the tools used to improve agriculture. Previously, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Agrible, a precision agriculture company that sold to a large multinational input provider. At CarbonBook, she leads the international team developing the CarbonBook℠ app. Vana holds a M.S. in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Co-Founder & Director of AI

Scott Dickson Dagondon

Scott Dickson Dagondon has 12 years of industry experience in data mining and analytics. He worked as a Product Development Engineer for a multinational semiconductor company, characterizing performance of state-of-the-art high speed analog-to-digital converters. He completed his Masters research on the application of clustered neural networks for network packet classification. Bringing his strong background in data and machine learning to solve real world problems, Scott joined CarbonBook in 2016. His expertise in machine learning helps him provide Indoor Farming stakeholders with valuable insights for optimizing their operations and meeting their target metrics while minimizing their impact on the environment.

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